I The Dervish Way


        Whoever is given the dervish path
        may his posturing cease and may he shine.

        May his breath musk and amber.
        May whole cities and homelands
        gather fruit from his branches.

        May his leaves be healing herbs for the sick.
        May much good work be done in his shadow.

        May his tears become a clear lake.
        May reeds sprout between his toes.

        And among all the poets and nightingales
        in the Friend's garden,
        may Yunus hop like a partridge


        If I told you about a land of love,
        friend, would you follow me and come?
        In that land are vineyards
        that yield a deadly wine —
        no glass can hold it.
        Yould you swallow it as a remedy?

        The people there must suffer.
        Yould you serve the sweetest drink to others
        and take the bitter drink yourself?

        There are no moons or suns there.
        Nothing waxes or wanes.
        Would you surrender your plans
        and forget about seductions?

        Here we're made of water, earth, fire and air.
        Yunus, tell us, is this what you're made of?


        Ask those who know
        what's this soul within the flesh?
        Reality's own power.
        What blood fills these veins?

        Thought is an errand boy,
        fear a mine of worries.
        These sighs are love's clothing.
        Who is the Khan on the throne?

        Give thanks for His unity.
        He created when nothing existed.
        And since we are actually nothing.
        what are possessions, houses, shops?

        God sent us here
        to come and see the worl.
        This world itself is not everlasting.
        What are all of Solomon's riches?

        Ask Yunus and Taptuk
        what the world means to them.
        The world won't last.
        What are You?
        What am I?


        We entered the house of realization
        we witnissed the body.

        The whirling skies, the many-layered earth,
        the seventy-thousand veils
        we found in the body.

        The night and the day, the planets
        the words inscribed on the Holy Tablets
        the hill that Moses climbed, the Temple
        and Israfil's trumpet, we observed in the body.

        Torah, Psalms, Gospel, Quran—
        what these books have to say
        we found in the body.

        Everybody says
        these words of Yunus are true.
        Truth is wherever you mant it.
        We found it all within the body.


        The drink went down from Truth
        we drank it, glory be to God.
        And we sailed over the Ocean of Power
        glory be to God.

        Beyond those hills and oak woods
        beyond those vineyards and gardens
        we passed in health and joy
        glory be to God.

        We were dry, but we moistened.
        We grew wings and became birds
        we married one another and flew
        glory be to God.

        To whatever lands we came
        in whatever hearts, in all humanity
        we planted the meanings Taptuk taught us
        glory be to God.

        Come here, let's make peace
        let's not be strangers to one another.
        We have saddled the horse and trained it
        glory be to God.

        We became a trickle that grew into a river.
        We took flight and dove into the sea
        and then we overflowed
        glory be to God.

        We came down to the valley for winter
        we did some good and some bad things.
        Now it's spring and we'll return
        glory be to God.

        We became servants at Taptuk's door.
        Poor Yunus, raw and tasteless
        finally got cooked
        glory be to God.


        Let's say the name of Allah all the time.
        Let's see what my Lord does.
        Let's travel the Way always.
        Let's see what my Lord does.

        Just when you least expect it
        suddenly the veil is lifted.
        The remedy arrives in time.
        Let's see what my Lord does.

        What did Yunus do?
        What did he do?
        He found a straight Path
        held the hand of a guide.
        Let's see what my Lord does.


        The mature ones are a sea.
        A lover is needed to take the plunge
        a diver to bring up a pearl.

        When you have brought
        the pearl to the surface
        a jeweler is needed to know its worth.

        Stay on the road until you arrive.
        Be speechless. Don't become a salesman.
        Find an 'Ali to follow.

        Muhammed knew Truth in himself.
        Truth is present everywhere.
        You only need eyes to see it.

        Ask your daily sustenance from Truth
        the only Apportioner.* Find someone
        who is master of his ego.

        The lovers asked me to sing.
        Someone without greed is needed
        to complete what is started.

        Sufi, who are you kidding?
        Can anyone but Truth
        satisfy a human need?

        Truth's place is in the heart.
        There's a verse in the Quran —
        In the soul love has a tower
        higher than the throne of Creation.

        I've gone crazy on this Way.
        I can't tell day from night.
        The arrow of Love has pieced my heart.

        Come, poor Yunus come,
        hold the hands of the mature.
        In their humility is a cure.

* Quran Sura XLIII, 32...


        Our laws are different from other laws.
        Our religion is like no other.

        It is different from the seventy-two sects.
        We are guided by different signs
        in this workd and hereafter.

        Without the cleansing of visible waters
        without any movement of hands, feet
        or head, we worship.

        Wether at the Kaaba*
        in the mosque or in ritual prayer
        everyone carries their own disease.

        Which labels refer to whom
        no one really knows.
        Tomorrow it will be clear
        who abandonned the religion.

        Yunus, renew your soul
        be remembered as a friend
        Know this power.
        Listen with the ears of love.

* Kaaba: An ancient black cube in Mecca and the focal point of the Islamic Pilgrimage or Hajj.


        Let the deaf listen to the mute.
        A soul is needed to understand them both.

        Without listening we understood.
        Without understanding we carried it out.

        On this Way
        the seeker's wealth is poverty

        We loved, we became lovers.
        We were loved, we became beloved.
        When all is perishing moment by moment
        who has time to be bored?

        God divided His people
        into Seventy-two languages and borders

        But poor Yunus fills the earth and sky
        and under every stone hides a Moses.


        I haven't come here to settle down.
        I've come here to depart.
        I am a merchant with lots of goods
        selling to whoever will buy.
        I didn't come to create any problems
        I'm only here to love.
        A Heart makes a good home for the Friend.
        I've come do build some hearts.
        I'm a little drunk from this Friendship —
        Any lover would know the shape I'm in.
        IMve come to exchange my twoness
        to disappear in One.
        He is my teacher, I am His servant.
        I am a nightingale in His garden.
        I've come to the Teacher's garden
        to be happy and die singing.
        They say "Souls which know each other here
        know each other there."
        I've come to know a Teacher
        and to show myself as I am.


        A single word can brighten the face
        of one who knows the value of words.
        Ripened in silence, a single word
        acquires a great energy for work.

        War is cut short by a word
        and a word heals the wounds
        and there's a word that changes poison
        into butter and honey.

        Let a word mature inside yourself.
        Withhold the unripened thought.
        Come and understand the kind of word
        that reduces money and riches to dust.

        Know when to speak a word
        and when not to speak at all.
        A single word turns a universe of hell
        into eight paradises.

        Follow the Way. Don't be fooled
        by wyat you already know.
        Be watchful.
        Reflect before you speak.
        A foolish mouth can brand your soul.

        Yunus, say one last thing
        about the power of words —
        Only the word "I"
        divides me from God.


        Dervishood tells me
        you cannot become a dervish
        So what can I tell you?
        You cannot become a dervish.

        A dervish needs a wounded heart
        and eyes full of tears.
        He needs to be as easy going as a sheep.
        You can't be a dervish.

        He must be without hands
        when someone hits him.
        He must be tongueless when cursed.
        A dervish needs to be without any desire.
        You can't be a dervish.

        You make a lot of sounds
        with your tongue, meaningful things.
        You get angry about this and that
        you can't be a dervish.

        If it were all right to be angry on this path
        Muhammed himself would have gotten angry.
        Because of your anger
        You can't be a dervish.

        Unless you find a real path
        unless you find a guide
        unless Truth grants you your portion
        You can't be a dervish.

        Therefore, dervish Yunus, come
        dive into the ocean now and then.
        Unless you dive in the ocean
        You cannot be a dervish.